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Andrea of the Happy Tiffin

In Mumbai, they’re called dabbas.

In Indonesia, tantang.

Mangkuk tingkat in Malaysia.

Safartas in Arab countries.

In Hungary, they’re éthordó.

And in Germany, they’re called henkelmann.


But to me, they’ll forever be called tiffins.

And for some crazy reason they make me very happy.

So, I call my version of these indispensable, portable, stainless steel containers…

Happy Tiffins!

And surprise, that’s the name of my company, too!


Hi, I’m Andrea and I started Happy Tiffins in 2008 after a long, love-affair with their ease of use and gentleness on the planet. I use them to pack up, transport and serve just about every food you can imagine—even soup. Full disclosure: you’ll find them holding some of my office supplies too!


Since the beginning, happy things have happened for Happy Tiffin. My fellow bloggers, vegetarians, green-fans, campers, picnickers, school kids, office cube workers and foodies across the globe have embraced them. They’ve even sent me pictures of their tiffin meals and stories to go along with them. You—the person reading this now—send me yours! I can’t wait to see what you’re having for lunch!

Thanks. And happy eating from Happy Tiffin!


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