No-Mess Plates… a classic comes full-circle. Skip the plastic-ware and go back to the original reusable plate.

Kids love these! Yep! No-Mess Plates are the original reusable plates found in canteen, food halls and cafeterias. We’ve all had good memories with this one.

At Happy Tiffin, it’s even better:

It’s made of 100% food-grade stainless steel

This means a lot of things. It’s unbreakable, odorless and it won’t stain or wear out. You can easily wash it without worrying about clinging food odor that’s just repulsive and downright nasty! Unlike its ceramic counterpart, No-Mess Plates are unbreakable. So, it’s ideal for households and parties with kids. This is the perfect alternative to plastic and ceramic foodware.

BPA-free and Toxin-free

BPA is an ingredient used in plastic containers. It’s really harmful to the body. No-Mess trays are BPA-free so your kids are protected from this harmful toxin.

Multiple compartments

These mess trays are a good size with multiple compartments. You’ve got enough space for pasta, biscuits, marshmallows, cherries, roasted veggies and mashed anything!

4 plates per pack

These beautiful ladies are a steal! Beautifully-crafted, built to impress and last for a long time. Just like in MASH but without the mess tent! Kids love these and so will you!

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